Factories and industries are some of the most complex and complicated places you can visit. These places are home to several intricate machines designed to build key materials and items you use in your day-to-day life. Each item in a factory needs to be of the top quality to reach you in its prime state. Here in this article, we shall talk about the Hot Induction Bending Machine

What are Hot Induction Machines?

Hot Induction Bending machines are fashioned with the aid of using passing pipes via an induction bending system. This system makes use of an induction coil to warm a slim band of the pipe cloth. 

As the pipe is driven via the system, a bend with the favored radius of curvature is produced. The heated cloth simply past the induction coil is quenched with a water spray at the out of doors floor of the pipe. Thermal growth of the narrowly heated phase of pipe is confined because of the unheated pipe on both sides, which reasons diameter shrinkage upon cooling.

This intricate system additionally reasons and results in wall thinning at the exterior part of the pipes and thickening at the interior part. 

The intensity of this corroding of the pipes relies upon the temperature presented to it, the rate at which the pipe is driven via the induction coil, the location of the induction coil relative to the pipe toward the interior and exterior, and lots of different factors. 


There are several inspection guidelines that these hot induction bending machines have to follow. This section will point out a few of these key guidelines.

  • If the pipe walls tend to get enlarged in some cases in regards to the circumference, then the enlarged segment ought to shape the bend via the exterior.
  • In any scenario, the entire process of bending should not be stopped once the procedure has started.
  • The most temperatures at positions a hundred and eighty tiers apart, the bending pace, and the glide quantity or strain of the cooling medium must be constantly indicated and noted.
  • The accuracy for temperature size of the hot induction bending 
  • machine must be + 10 oF; for pace must be + 0.02 in. (+ 0.5 mm) in keeping with
  • minute, and for glide must be + 2% of glide detailed withinside the Manufacturer’s Bending Procedure.
  • It is a great exercise to have the most pace of bending among 25 – 50 mm/min, until in any other case justified with the aid of the manufacturer.
  • Also, the cooling procedure has to take location without delay in the back of the induction; these consequences in a quick time Austenitizing cycle and a quenched metallurgical structure.


Factories are run by large intricate machines used to make the items you use in your daily life. One such machine is the hot induction bending machine & Seamless Pipe Bending Machine. This is a very popular and commonly seen machine used in factories. Here in this article, we talked about what work this machine does and some of the key inspection guidelines.