Buttweld Fittings

Manufacturing Standards:
ASME B16.9, ASME B16.28
45°/90°/180° LR or SR Elbows, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, Caps, Swage Nipple, Sockolet, Weldolet
Pressure Rating:
Sch10 up to Sch160/XXS
3/8" to 48"
Face Types:


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Buttweld Fittings

All about Buttweld Fittings for Your Oil and Gas Industry


We depend on oil and gas in our everyday lives. We have leading buttweld fittings manufacturer in india, We use it for different purposes, from cooking to travel. The oil and gas industry is one of the most considerable industries across the world. Without it, it will be challenging for our lives. Strong metal tubes are used in this industry for different purposes. 


From industrial use to transporting pipes are used. To change the path of the flow of such elements, you need Buttweld fittings. Buttweld fittings are mainly used to change the flow in the desired direction. So it is the best piping solution. You can find the best C buttweld fittings & Fasteners Manufacturers in India. 



What are fittings? 


Fittings are attached to tubes at the ends to change the direction or to change the dimension of a piping or tubing system. The different types of fittings like buttweld pipe fittings. These can be made from different elements and for other purposes. You may find it challenging to choose the sought size sometimes. Suppliers & Exporters of Buttwelded Fitting in India.


What are buttweld fittings?


You can use buttweld pipe fittings for a mixture of reasons. You can perhaps choose to repair existing pipelines and re pipe them too. Buttweld fittings are handled to adjust the movement of oil channels, gas channels & water channels. These can also be used to control the flowing rate & change the diameter of the pipes too.


We have largest ASME buttweld fittings manufacturer in india, the manufacturing standards are defined by ASME, which is the American society of mechanical engineers. ASME buttweld fittings cover dimension standards, tolerance standards, rating standards, and testing standards. Forged buttweld fittings are utilized for small bore pipe fittings. 


Weldable fittings for pipe 


Weldable steel fittings are of two classes which include a socket weld and a threaded weld. You can use weldable stainless fittings for low or high-pressure applications. For example, weldable banjo fittings are used for fluid movements in machines and automotive engines. Good quality parts are long-lasting and tolerate pressure. 


The purpose of using buttweld fittings


The buttweld fittings are available in different shapes and sizes used for multiple purposes. They serve the following purposes –


The first purposes of using these types of fittings are to change the direction of the flow. 

These fittings allow you to control the pressure of the flow. It minimizes pressure drops and the turbulence inside the pipes. 

These fittings are cheap to install which last for a very long time. 


Types of Buttweld fittings 

You can find different shapes of buttweld fittings, and similarly, find these fittings in various materials. The other materials you can see are stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel, and carbon steel buttweld fittings. Different shapes include the following 


Buttweld Elbow fittings come in three types which include 45, 90, and 180-degree fitting. 

Buttweld Tee 

Buttweld cross

Buttweld reducers 


Buttweld fittings manufacturing process 

Buttweld fittings are created using long pipes of steel, alloy, and other elements. There are different manufacturing methods, including the mandrel method, the hot forming method, and the cold forming method. The hot forming method is the most widely used, and the process includes –


1. Receiving the steel pipe and cutting a part of it to make it even at the edge. 

2. The pipes are heated and then pushed over a die. The die is called a mandrel, which allows the baked tube to extend and flex simultaneously. 

3. When the pipes are heated and sent through the mandrel, they are sized according to the different sizes and dimensions. 

4. Then this piece is cut when heated.

5. After this step, the piece is shot blasted to clean and strengthen the metal piece. 

6. Using a beveling machine, it is then polished into a smooth surface. 

7. After this step, to prevent rust and corrosion, it is coated with a metal coating.  


This is the best manufacturing & Exporting process for buttweld fittings. The advantage of this method is that there is only a slight thickness deviation and small bending radius compared to other methods. 




You can find the best buttweld fittings price by asking for a quotation from buttweld pipe fittings suppliers and ss buttweld fittings manufacturers. These fittings can be handy for industries dealing in oil and gas, for your homes, and to change the direction and flow of water.