It is a standard type of Stainless Steel Bars Manufacturers from raw materials of Iron ore, nickel, chromium, silicon, and other metals. These are mainly used for construction purposes. A person needs to do adequate research before buying it as it is an essential part of the structure.

Types of steel bars

1. Mild steel bars – These bars have a 6 to 50mm diameter. These can be manufactured having long lengths and can be bent or cut easily.

2. High-strength steel bars- These are manufactured with rib, lugs, or a bit deformed to make it have good contact with the concrete.

How to choose?

Here are a few tips that can help you buy the ultimate product

1. Product quality and specification

1. Buy only that bar that is prescribed in the drawing
2. Always check the identity marks of the company on the bars
3. Always buy rust-free steel.

2. Budget

It is advisable not to save money on steel bars as these are directly related to the safety of the building, create any fault in it, and can cause a huge disaster.

a. Quantity required – The exact amount, along with the diameter of the steel, should be mentioned.

b. Cost of transportation and taxes- Taxes and duties, which include the cost of unloading and loading at the construction area, must be remembered.

3. Brand

Always go for a famous brand as they have a certain established quality for their products, use government-approved brands or take the help of the structural consultants and use the brand recommended.

4. Purchase only after testing

It is essential to test the products before purchasing a huge quantity. You should always check the following:-

a. The hardness of the steel
• The bending portions of them should be smooth.
• Testing steel bars from different batches is essential, like taking a steel bar measuring 1m from both the edges and trying to bend it.
• Good quality steel would never develop cracks in it.

b.Checking the weight
• Check the weight of each sample on a weighing scale.
• The rolling margin ( the weight difference) must be less than 5%.
• Compare the weights given in codes and assume the rolling margin.


Keeping in mind the life of the material, always purchase the material provided in the plan. These are only one-time purchases, and the service goes lifelong. So always go for popular Stainless steel bar manufacturers and place the written order.

The order must be adequately mentioned in the grade, type, quantity, and delivery time. After the delivery is completed and you are satisfied with the product. Get the invoice, the warranty/guarantee certificate, and many more.

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