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We are the leading stainless steel bars suppliers & Hot Induction Bend Manufacturer company in India and have an involvement in multiple residential projects. 


Our stainless Steel bars prices make sure that you get pocket-friendly deals on steel bars that indirectly reduce your construction costs. Our products withstand higher pressure and are perfect for constructing different structures that need to remain stable for decades.


Real Engineering is a leading steel bars company in india. We have the best steel bars price in India. Our name in the steel bars industry has always been prioritized by our clients. Our stainless steel bars do not melt and Crack even under low heat levels. 


They are perfect constructing structures that are otherwise prone to outbreak. Our seismic resistant Stainless. Stainless steel barstools are recommended across the globe.


Which Steel Bars Brands in India are the Best?


Steel bars dealers are many but only Real engineering can help you to get the best Steel Bars for balcony and house construction. We have flat bars, hexagonal bars, round bars, square shaped bars, and rectangular bars having distinct applications. 


Only our quality products cater end to end industrial purposes. Our tailor-made sizes act as a major structure product. We provide Steel bar design for window designs during home construction. You can refer to our online website to find prices of Steel bars for construction purpose. 


What makes Our Stainless Steel Bars so Versatile?


Our state of art manufacturing process involves advanced heat treatment techniques that adds a greater tensile strength to the bars produced. It is only after strict quality control measures and multiple inspections, we avail our bars for sale. 


Any underlying internal defect is identified during the initial analysis stages to ensure everything is perfect. We also carry out the version of each bar to establish their suitability for the intended purpose.


Why choose Our Premium Steel Bars for House Construction?


Steel bars for stairs and other construction purposes deliver a combination of beauty, strength and durability. One can always explore different ideas as Steel bars have a lot of capacity to bend and get converted into free-form combinations. 


It is quite easy and manageable to assemble Steel bars with minimal labour and effort. The entire frame can be constructed in a couple of days with a whopping amount of savings.


Steel bars for slab can also deliver multiple benefits including acceleration of the project completion and better management of site. Our stainless steel bar can easily bear the number of changes that might take place during constructions. 


With a tremendous load bearing capacity, our Steel frames offer great strength to the overall framing. They can also be taken in the loop during electrical wiring and establishment of communication systems.


How do stainless steel bars add to the peace of mind?

Stainless steel bars Suppliers help in elegant and cost-effective Constructions. They are the best to be chosen as a part of skyscrapers and other high rise projects. The buildings constructed using stainless steel materials are more adaptable and can be altered with the change in time period. 


The integration of different shapes of bars enhances the overall life span of the structure. Steel bars for balcony and staircase adds more safety and better appeal.


How are stainless steel bars friendly to Mother Earth?

Stainless steel bars can be extensively recycled. We melt down scrap Steel bars manufacturers to reconstruct them for a better use. Our industrial practices save a considerable amount of natural resources. More than 30% of the stainless steel we provide is from the recycled material. 


We understand that buildings and different structures need to remain fire resistant most of the time. Our Stainless steel bars exporters having this property is a part of such Constructions. The fire resistant stainless steel bars offer due protection required and add to the longevity of the structure created.


Earthquakes? Not to worry!


Natural scenarios are completely unpredictable and there has to be a solid underlying frame that can protect the created structure. Real engineering brings earthquake resistant stainless steel frames that principally support gravity loads. 


They have unbeatable capacity to tolerate lateral loads generated because of earthquakes and high-speed winds. Get in touch with our Stainless Steel bars manufacturers, suppliers and exporters help your Constructions to withstand the test of time.