What does the flange mean? The purpose of the flange is straightforward which helps reinforce the caller, ring, rim, and wealth of the objects such as column, pipe, and beam. 

Flange provides extra stiffness and strength to the object responsible for attaching one object to another. 

The flange construction is effortless with the help of different materials that straightforwardly depend on the people’s requirements. Plus, the selection of flange depends on features like flow pressure, economy, operating temperature, and environmental corrosion. 

There are various materials used in forged flanges manufacturer india respectively. The top-notch materials are listed below to help people introduce the outstanding flange.

Types of Materials 


Examples of superalloys are cobalt and nickel. These are fantastic metals that can withstand harsh environments. Its unique properties are the resistance to high heat and acid corrosion. 

This allows metals to stay for an extended period and make the manufacturing of forged flanges exceptional. The superalloys are outstanding for many reasons, such as aerospace parts, turbines, piping systems, and oil. 


Indeed, the popularity of aluminum is outstanding for forged flanges manufacturer india compared to other metals in the industry. The lightweight and excellent weight to strength features are amazing to manufacture flange. 

It comes with a microscopic oxide coating that provides superior corrosion resistance and stays for a maximum period. 

Various types of equipment are made of aluminum or aluminum alloys to make the product worth considering and valuable.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel is one of the major components. Its use has been rising worldwide, mainly in food services equipment. 

It is helpful to make the standard materials and medical tools that require now and then sanitizing. Therefore, its use is not limited to making furnaces. 

Many users have their common preference of stainless steel flange that is perfect in the restaurant equipment due to the applications like hike origin resistance and frequent cleaning.

Carbon Steel

There are several types of carbon steel available in the market. Selecting a perfect one for forged fittings manufacturers is not a tall order if the requirement is clear in mind. 

Carbon Steel Forged Fittings

Its usage depends on wear resistance, impacts strength, and flexibility. For instance, low carbon steel is robust and has high elasticity. It does include the least amount of carbon, but it’s excellent to manufacture the flange to treat the materials.


The requirement for titanium in the aerospace industry is significantly rising due to its spot-on properties like durability and lightweight. People prefer to go with titanium for superior aircraft construction. 

Its property helps make the frames convenient for making perfect materials due to the excellent heat resistance. Undoubtedly, its unique properties make the construction a little bit expensive, but it is worth considering for a long go.


The forged fittings manufacturers require distinct materials, and the performance depends on specific materials. The central performance is given by ease of assembly, weight, and durability. The above mentioned are different materials choose the right flange.

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