Hydraulic fittings are used to connect pipes, hoses and tubes in a hydraulic system. It generally operates under pressure. Hydraulic fittings should be strong, versatile, and reliable that can operate safely and effectively in any application.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings

These types of Forged Hydraulic Fittings are manufactured on the AISI 316 grade. Which can provide safe and durable operation. These are dust and corrosion-resistant fittings and have a usage in many industries like food processing, fertilizer applications, saltwater mist and much more. Stainless steel hydraulic fittings can offer sanitary protection that saves fluids from wasting. High-quality hydraulic fittings can offer you a leak-free connection.

Brass hydraulic fittings: These hydraulic fittings are durable when it is an automotive and hydraulic task. These are low maintenance and offer high resistance against corrosion. The strict quality standard of these fittings makes durability promising for a long time. These fittings are low pressure and are mainly used in automotive solutions.

JIC fittings: It is popular hydraulic fittings that possess 37-degree cones and can connect with the hose or a tube easily. It has the potential to save your machine in a challenging condition and it is suitable for all types of hydraulic applications. 

For hydraulic hose fittings, hose assemblies this is the best option for all professional requirements. These fittings are up to mark and are environment friendly. It is corrosion and rust-resistant. Real Engineering provides Hot Induction Pipe Bending Machine.

Metric din fittings: If you are facing problems with compatibility issues then metric din fittings are ideal to choose. It is a popular fitting all around the global standard. This fitting is suitable for metric size tubing. Hydraulic fittings are proper in oil, gas, or construction sectors. For durability and compression, you can find its manifold usage.

O-ring face seals: to prevent leakage in flat sealing, select O ring face seals. It is a hydraulic system with high pressure. It is responsible for eliminating leakages. These fittings are suitable for stainless steel or plated steel material and offer resistance from high corrosion. It has application in industrial and commercial use. For any delicate machines, o ring face seals are the best choice of hydraulic fittings.

Inch compression: it is used in thin-walled pipes and high-pressure applications, compression fittings can make it reusable. It protects from leakage. It is available in different materials and has compatibility with the product.

Forged hydraulic fittings: it is one piece of metal. As forged hydraulic fittings are available in one piece then they can be manufactured with less material. There are two types of forging- hot forging and cold forging. Forged fittings are stronger and reliable than other fittings. 

Its shape cannot be altered and maintains uniformity of the structure and offers you a solution of a solid finished product. It can tolerate working pressure, external impact and can offer strength.

For the higher performance of equipment use it for industrial purposes. It can give protection to equipment in difficult conditions. With its power and strength, it can offer a better result in industrial works.

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