WP 11 - Alloy Steel Buttweld Fittings

Raw Material ASTM A 234 WP11 CL.1 Ed. 2019
C % 0.05-0.15
Mn % 0.30-0.60
P % 0.030 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 0.50-1.00
Cr % 1.00-1.50
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Alloy Steel WP 11 buttweld pipe fittings are manufactured to meet the requirements of the piping industry. These pipe fittings are manufactured from alloy steel and are available in different types. They include elbows, seamless pipe fittings, buttweld fittings, and long radius elbows. If you are looking for a pipe fitting made of alloy steel, read this article.


WP11 pipe fittings are a basic type of pipe fitting that is commonly used in many industries. These fittings are shaped like a bar or a pipe and can be welded or bent. ANSI B16.9 Elbow A234 WP11 is a free-machining version of this grade and is available as a bar shape. It is a dependable material for basic transmission preparation in high-pressure applications.


Alloy Steel WP11 Buttweld Fittings are hand wrapped individually to prevent any damage and are packaged in pallets or plywood cases. Each piece of WP11 Buttweld Fitting is imprinted with its part number and job information. The following are the different types of WP11 buttweld fittings. You can use them in many different applications.


WP11 pipe fittings are made from wrought alloy steel. These fittings are generally made to handle moderate to high temperatures. They are manufactured to meet the specifications set out by ASTM A234 (the standard for pipe fittings).


ANSI WP11 pipe fittings are available in bar form for automatic screw machines. WP11 buttweld pipe fittings are highly versatile and can be welded in various applications. 


They are also highly fabricable and have received immense appreciation in the market. Its ductility and ease of use make these fittings an ideal choice for lower-pressure applications. Many different benefits come with using WP 22 pipe fittings.


Among the many benefits of these fittings, they are widely used in the oil and gas pipeline. They are also widely used in nuclear facilities, chemical processing, and other industries that require tight pipe connections. Aspirinox Alloys Inc., a leading manufacturer and trader of WP11 pipe fittings, has a variety of products for diverse industries. These include buttweld fittings, elbows, and long radius bends.


WP11 pipe fittings are available in different grades. The prices and sizes of these pipe fittings vary depending on their specifications. You can easily find the right fit for your project with the help of Steel Mart India. They also have distribution networks in more than 60 countries. Alloy Steel WP11 Buttweld Pipe Fittings