LR 45 Elbow

Long Radius 45 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings Pipe Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India 


A long radius 45 degree elbow pipe fitting is a standard pipe fitting that alters the direction of flow in a piping system. There are two main types: short and long radius. Long radius 45 degree elbows are produced by Natural Steels, a manufacturer and exporter of superior grade products. Natural Steels produces the products using unadulterated and unblended raw materials to avoid metal breakage and ensure superior quality.


These elbows are available in a variety of materials and can be used in many different applications. Depending on the diameter and the flow requirements, they may be made of Duplex steel, Carbon steel, Inconel, or Hastelloy. 


long radius 90 degree elbow can also be used to join two pieces of pipe of different sizes. However, these elbows are typically the most expensive. As such, they should only be used when they can be found and purchased in large quantities.


Long radius elbows are generally characterized by a larger center-to-face distance than standard 90-degree elbows. The larger radius of long radius elbows is typically three times greater than the shorter one. While short radius elbows have a shorter center-to-face dimension, a 45-degree elbow has a centre-to-face distance that is one-third of its nominal diameter. They are also referred to as right-angled bends.


While standard 90-degree and 180-degree elbows have a range of sizes, some manufacturers produce customized products. For example, ASME B16.9 45-degree elbows can be manufactured from a seamless pipe or welded pipe with filler materials. Some companies produce large-diameter pipe fittings by plate, buttweld is the preferred method for the large-diameter pipe. If you require custom-made long radius 45 degree elbows, contact your local manufacturer.


When choosing a long radius elbow, make sure to consider its center to face distance. Compared to short radius elbows, a 45-degree elbow is usually cheaper. Similarly, both types of elbows perform the same function, but their different dimensions make them more attractive for specific applications. 


Regardless of their size and function, long radius elbows are often the preferred choice when high-pressure applications are involved. They also reduce the risk of clogs and are ideal for gas and beverage piping.