WPH 70 - Carbon Steel Buttweld Fittings

Raw Material ASTM A 860 WPHY70 Ed. 2018
C % 0.200 Max.
Mn % 1.00-1.45
P % 0.030 Max.
S % 0.010 Max.
Si % 0.15-0.40
Cr % 0.30 Max.
Mo % 0.25 Max.
Ni % 0.50 Max.
Cu % 0.35 Max.
V % 0.10 Max.
Cb % 0.04 Max.
Al % 0.06 Max.
Ti % 0.05 Max.
Ni+Cr+Mo+V % 1.00 Max.
CE % 0.42 Max.
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The ASTM A234 and ASME SA234 butt weld standards define seamless butt weld fittings. These standards also define several butt weld fitting types, including the WPB, WPH 60, and WPH 70.


Other butt weld alloys include Inconel 825, Monel 500, and N05500. Aside from these standard butt weld fitting types, other butt weld fittings are available, including Carbon WPH 70 and Inconel 800.


ASTM A860 Grade A420WPL6 Carbon Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings feature imprints corresponding to the material, size, and type of job. Each carbon steel buttweld pipe fitting is also imprinted with the part number. 


This information is useful for locating the right fitting for a given job. This way, you can find exactly what you're looking for, quickly and easily.


For quality assurance, PSI India manufactures Nipple Butt Weld Pipe Fittings from high-quality raw materials. These buttweld fittings are available in a variety of wall thicknesses and materials. You can also select a hose-like or straight-end pipe to connect your plumbing. If you're not sure what to order, browse PSI India's extensive inventory.


Buttweld carbon steel pipe fittings are available at a wide range of prices. They're widely used for water, gas, and oil pipelines. ASTM A860 WPH 70 Pipe Fittings are available in various sizes, with varying requirements. 


These fittings are characterized by their zero defects and exceptional quality. They're a reliable choice for your piping and fitting needs. We're proud to support the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASHRAE) standards.