The pipe or tube is then rolled and drawn to produce the desired specifications. The seamless pipe is hydrostatically tested, inspected, coated, and stenciled with the specification. Since a seamless pipe is used under extreme conditions, critical locations, and under high pressure, it is manufactured with high-quality steel that stands the test of time.

Pipe manufacturers use solid steel in sheet or bar form to make Seamless Pipes India. These pipes take form when the steel sheets are formed into a solid round shape known as billets. The billets are then heated and cast over a bullet-shaped piercing rod which creates the hollowness in the tube or pipe.

Features of Seamless Pipes India

  • Seamless pipes with thicker walls are easier to produce and much more cost-effective. On the flipside, seamless pipes with thinner walls have much higher processing costs.
  • The production quality of a seamless pipe determines its limitations in usage. Factors such as accuracy, uneven wall thickness, low brightness in tube appearance, and appearance of black spots will greatly determine the efficiency of the tube.
  • The superiority of seamless pipes depends on the strength, pressure endurance ability.
  • The pipes must have high compression capability and dense metal.

What is a seamless tube?

Seamless tubes are usually small-diameter seamless pipes. Such tubes are produced using high-strength materials such as steel, carbon, copper, forged stainless steel flanges, and titanium. These tubes are much more flexible as they are of smaller diameter and finer material. Hence, they can be easily bent to form angles and fit in a limited space. 

Seamless Pipes India based on production methods

  • Hot rolled tubes
  • Cold-rolled tubes
  • Cold drawn tubes
  • Extruded tubes
  • Jacked tubes

Given the cross-sectional shape, consistent cylinders are separated into two sorts: round and exceptional. Special-shaped Seamless Pipes India is manufactured in a variety of complex shapes such as triangle, square, oval, melon, star, hexagon, and finned tubes.

The maximum diameter for special-shaped tubes is 650mm and the minimum diameter for such tubes is 0.3mm. 

Based on the application, seamless pipes exist as thin-walled and thick-walled pipes. Seamless steel pipes serve the purpose of petroleum geological drilling pipes, cracking pipes, boiler pipes, bearing pipes, and high-precision structural steel pipes in the automotive, and aviation industry.

Uses of seamless pipes
  • The general purpose seamless tubes are produced from ordinary carbon steel, low-alloy structural steel, and alloy structural steel. These pipes are mainly used in the pipelines or structural parts for transporting fluids.
  • Seamless pipes exist in three categories according to different uses:
  • Supply based on chemical composition and mechanical properties.
  • Supply according to mechanical properties.
  • Supply according to the hydrostatic test.

Steel pipes that are supplied according to chemical composition, and mechanical properties need to undergo hydraulic tests if they shall withstand liquid pressure.

Special-purpose seamless pipes exist as chemical and electric power, boiler, geological, and petroleum seamless pipes.

Seamless pipes are used for transporting natural gas, water, and oil. Hence, they are built as a single unit, with high precision and build quality. So, choose your seamless pipes from reputable manufacturers to enjoy the most value for your money.

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