Seamless Pipes India

The industrial application is ever-evolving, and the products, piping systems are widely used in construction sectors.

Here, if we talk about pipe molding, it follows two processes. One is seamless steel or welded pipe. For the last few decades, manufactures have magnified their production rate in both the welded and seamless pipes india to sustain market demands.

But what’s the difference between it? There is a narrow line of difference between both. Let’s know in detail about each.

Differences: Seamless vs. welded steel pipe

Difference in look

A steel billet is used as an organic material in seamless steel pipes. You can not remove the fault of the billet by the hot rolling process. Once the product gets finished, it gets polished. However, the fault is partially removed in the procedure of wall reduction.

Welded steel pipe is a tubular product that is made of flat plates. It is formed, bent, and prepared for welding. It has a welding line on the inner wall of the pipe surface and is easy to handle. The cover of the hot rolled coil is of premium quality. And it is quite better than a seamless pipe.


The expense of seamless steel pipes increases due to the complicated manufacturing process. It is because of organic materials, production equipment, and different types of processes.

Welded steel pipes are widely used because they are made of steel strips and quite inexpensive. But sometimes, market pressure makes the welded pipe more expensive.

Molding Methods

Welded and seamless pipes in India have different molding methods. A seamless pipe can be made in one time rolling process. And at the same time, welded pipes are built with steel plates that need to be bent by different welding methods.


Seamless pipes display no signs of corrosion until it’s exposed to a tremendous corrosive environment. The asme buttweld fittings segment of the welded pipe is more resistant to corrosion attacks.

Here, the welded area is known to be nonhomogeneous. And it demonstrates different malleability with less corrosion resistance. Also, it offers great structural variability. A seamless steel pipe will prevent all the problems, and it gives you a high corrosion resistance.

Performance and Usage

The welding of welded steel pipe is the fragile point, and it affects the quality of your overall performance in construction. Meanwhile, a seamless pipe can handle great pressure capacity with higher robustness than a welded pipe.

In thermal industries, high-pressure equipment, seamless pipe is widely used.

Reliability is the utmost factor why people go for this pipe. With the maximum chemical, mechanical and thermal workloads, seamless pipes can withstand that pressure.

Welded pipes are favored more in automobile, aerospace, and electronic industries where the amount is quite low and the work pressure that it puts on the pipes.

Pipe Selection, Welded or Seamless?

It is quite difficult to choose between a seamless and welded pipe until you don’t know the main difference. Both are ideal for different piping uses, but in India, seamless pipe is preferable because it can cut into small sizes and is durable and non-corrosive. Also, it can handle pressure. If you are looking for an affordable option, it doesn’t meet all these factors, so the welded pipe should be your choice. Make sure you get them from a reliable supplier with that guaranteed quality.

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