S235JRG2 - Carbon Steel Bars

Raw Material EN 10025-2 Grade S235JR Ed. 2019
C % 0.200 Max.
Mn % 1.40 Max.
P % 0.035 Max.
S % 0.035 Max.
Cu % 0.55 Max.
N % 0.012 Max.
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Carbon steel is a type of steel that is made from carbon. It is a very strong and durable metal and is often used in construction projects. Carbon steel has several advantages over other types of steel. It is very strong and can hold its shape well. This makes it ideal for use in construction projects, where it is often needed to withstand tough conditions.


Another advantage of carbon steel is its durability. ASTM A182 F1 Carbon steel will not corrode, which means it can be used in areas that are subject to water or moisture exposure. This makes it particularly suitable for use in areas such as bridges and ships.


There are many reasons to choose carbon steel SJRG bars over other types of steel. S235JRG2 is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant alloy that is perfect for use in construction and industrial applications.


Carbon steel SJRG bars are a great choice for projects that require a high degree of durability and strength. They are also popular among homeowners who want to install a new roof or remodel their homes.


If you are looking for a quality carbon steel SJRG bar, be sure to contact a reputable supplier like ours. We can provide you with the best options available, and our team of experts will help you choose the right product for your needs.


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