It is a fact the steel bar is among the essential elements of every manufacturing company or in any industry that depends on machines. Because of its many application, these bars have found itself at the heart of a lot of engineering fields whether it’s manufacturing, automotive, textile and construction cement, ship building paper and pulp defence and heavy earth moving equipments , or aerospace.

The huge popularity of steel bars is due in part to the fact it’s feasible to steel bars dealers in different shapes, varieties sizes, and grades to meet the precise specifications of the industry. Steel bars typically have forms of round, flat, hexagonal, square and channel . in the majority of cases it is the form of the bars that determines the area of application.

Round Bars:

Steel bars dealers is among the key players in the industry of machining. With its amazing properties of resistance to corrosion, SS round bar are utilized in the manufacturing industry that is engaged in the manufacturing of machines and fasteners. Additionally, our Fitmach bars, which are a special product, have found application in the machining industry. 

These bars that are treated with calcium are free-machining grade and , as a result, provide higher cutting speeds and a longer life of the tool. With precise straightened and mirror-finish edges, these round bars are used extensively in the manufacturing of various machine components.

Flat Bars:

Most of the flat bars have an applications in construction as brackets and base plates.

Bars with Squares:

They come another one of the categories that have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry with regards to machines, fasteners and equipments.

Channel and Hexagonal Bars :

The bars that bear weight have a final use in the construction industry. With the potential of tailor to size, they can be utilized in the construction of H beams and I beams C beams, or any other structural materials that are important.

The pipe spool stainless steel comprise the first components of an pipe system. Pipes, flanges and fittings are referred to as pipe spools. They are made prior to being used in the pipe system. Pipe spools are pre-shaped in order to facilitate assembly using gauges, hoists, and other tools to join the pieces.

After having discussed the potential applications based on shapes and shapes, it’s worth putting together applications according to functional specifications. For example, solenoid bars constructed from ferritic stainless steels, which are the foundation of the electromagnetic instrument manufacturing, have excellent wear resistance, high resistance, and greater toughness. 

The functions they play for their role as plungers within control valves, electronic fuel injection devices, electromagnetic and electrical devices relays, printers and solenoid valves merit an acknowledgement.

The majority of the applications or use-to-end bars are based on processes for manufacturing and heat treating. This is why, because of the manufacturing processes that are specific to the bar and the performance of these bars are always superior to the technical specifications and expectations.

Not the last the stamp of approval given by quality assurance departments plays a significant part in determining the role of these bars in manufacturing. Ultrasonic tests, internal and surface defects tests, analysis of composition, the tensile strength test, as well as other chemical and mechanical property tests are conducted not only to verify the authenticity of the bars, but as well to determine their suitability for the purpose for which they were intended.

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