F 55 - Stainless Steel Forged Fittings

Raw Material ASTM A182 F55 Ed. 2020
C % 0.030 Max.
Mn % 1.000 Max.
P % 0.030 Max.
S % 0.010 Max.
Si % 1.000 Max.
Cr % 24.0-26.0
Mo % 3.000-4.000
Ni % 6.000-8.000
N % 0.200-0.300
Stainless Steel F55 Fitting Manufacturers & Suppliers

F55 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


If you need a Stainless Steel F55 Fitting, look no further. Oshwin Overseas offers high-quality, forged stainless steel fittings. You can also choose between various alloy steel and duplex stainless steel grades. These products are available at competitive prices and are made from high-grade materials. To make the process of selecting the right fitting a lot easier, we offer a variety of options.


Depending on the type of Stainless Steel F55 Fitting that you need, you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common F55 Fitting design is the Threaded Street Elbow, but you can also choose a Type X Union if you prefer that style of connection. As long as you use the proper fitting, you will be able to install the Stainless Steel F55 in your systems without any trouble.


F61 is a super-duplex stainless steel alloy that contains 50% ferrite and 50% austenite. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, especially in different environments. The high degree of resistance to stress and crevice corrosion makes it the ideal metal for various industrial processes. It also increases durability and pitting resistance, making it the ideal choice for a range of applications, including oil and gas, food processing, and pollution control.


SS F55 Super Duplex is high-grade stainless steel that is well-suited for aggressive environments. It complies with UNS S32760. Rolled Alloys tightly controls the production and chemistry of its stainless steel, ensuring consistently high-quality products. SS F55 is available in annealed or hardened form and is available in a wide range of sizes and types.


ASTM A182 Grade F55 Stud Bolts and Nuts are also available in various materials and applications. Its high-temperature resistance and excellent resistance to crevice corrosion make it an excellent choice for chemical processes. UNS S32760 Hex Nuts, for example, are suitable for oil and gas operations because they can resist corrosion caused by acetic acid. Forged F55 Bolts and Nuts are also available.


Super Duplex SS F55 is high-performance stainless steel with a 50:50 austenitic-ferrite microstructure. It provides all the benefits of a Duplex steel, but with increased nickel and chromium. It is also good for corrosion resistance, and its additional nitrogen content enhances structural hardening. This material is also twice as strong as regular stainless steel and offers excellent toughness and ductility.