Spacer Blank

Forged Spacer Blank Flanges Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


Real Engineering is a manufacturer, exporters and supplier of spacer ring flanges. We offer a wide range of spacer ring flanges in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Our spacer ring flanges are made from high quality materials and are precision-engineered for a perfect fit. We also offer our spacer ring flanges at competitive prices and provide excellent customer service.


If you need a high-quality flange for your industrial process, Forged Spacer Blank flanges can help you. These special flanges are used in critical joint applications such as valve seats, piping systems, and valves. They are ULMA-certified, which guarantees their integrity, utility, and durability. You can choose the right size for your process, and order your spectacle blind flange manufacturers from ULMA today.


The two basic types of spectacle blinds are flat face and raised face. Flat face spectacle blinds are suited for flat face gaskets, while raised face flanges are designed for semi-metallic and spiral wound gaskets. Ring joint spacer blanks feature a groove in the surface for use with ring joint gaskets. The ASME B16.5 standard covers line blanks for classes 150-2500.


A Forged Spacer Blank can also be used as a spectacle blind, which forms the positive shut-off in pipeline applications. The solid side of a spectacle blind is called a paddle blank or a spade. The spacer is a combination of a flange spade and a ring spacer. The solid end can be rotated by 180 degrees for open or closed lines. Spectacle blinds and spacers can be purchased separately or together for various pipeline operations.