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Real Engineering is a manufacturer, exporter & supplier of PVC Union Fittings in India. We have years of experience in the production of PVC Union Fittings and our products are known for their quality and durability. Our products are exported to different parts of the world and are highly demanded by our clients.


If you need to connect two pipes without using glue or sealant, a PVC union is a great option. This type of pipe fitting can be disconnected easily, unlike glued couplings. Unions are similar to couplings, but they are solid fittings with female threads on both ends. Unions are generally used to join two lengths of pipe that can be turned, while couplings are used to join two fixed pipes.


Fortunately, there are several options for PVC fittings and Buttweld cap pipe making it easy to find one that matches your needs. Depending on where you're installing the fitting, you'll have several choices.


Nipples, meanwhile, are short stubs of pipe that connect two other fittings. They are either male or female-threaded and have a threaded or spigot end. Nipples are most common in the plumbing and hose industries, where they're often used to connect two fittings. You can find both types of unions, as well as some of them, are interchangeable.


Grooved fittings are another option. Unlike sleeved joints, threaded fittings are not difficult to install. However, they require a lot of planning and skill to properly fit the piping. Threaded fittings are used in most threaded pipe systems. Once installed, these fittings will provide a secure seal. But, be prepared for it to take a bit of extra time.


Because PVC pipe doesn't have threaded ends, it's crucial to keep your fittings lubricated. Otherwise, you'll end up with a leaky connection and no fluid. To avoid this problem, you can use PVC cement or primer. It will bond the pipe and the fitting together and prevent leaks. But if you do get a leak, you'll need to repair it quickly. Fortunately, there are many techniques available to make these connections leak-free.