Cross Forging

Forged Cross Forging Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


Real Engineering is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of cross forged products. We supply high-quality cross forged products to customers all over the world, and our products are used in a wide range of industries. Our products are made from the best materials available, and our artisanal manufacturing process results in products that are both strong and durable. We are based in India, but our products are used all over the world.


A Forged Cross Forging fitting is a type of bolt used to connect the linear components of oil pressure pumping equipment. These bolts offer security and peace of mind during repetitive mechanical action. They prevent equipment failure or leaks, which can be costly, hazardous, or even environmentally harmful.


It is a 45 degree elbow fitting four-way that has one inlet and three outlets. Crosses are used in fire sprinkler systems, exhaust piping systems, and sewer systems. They are also used in construction industries, in scaffolding, and in industrial water lines. The type of forged cross used in these applications will depend on the purpose for which it will be used.


High-quality forged steel has excellent strength and wear resistance. This type of metal is more ductile than castings and allows for higher pressure and extreme conditions to be tolerated. Forgings also last longer than castings. 


If you are looking for a forged cross forging fitting, look no further than Pragati Metal. They have the knowledge and the experience to provide you with quality forged fittings that meet or exceed your expectations.