WPH 60 - Carbon Steel Hot Induction Bends

Raw Material ASTM A 860 WPHY60 Ed. 2018
C % 0.200 Max.
Mn % 1.00-1.45
P % 0.030 Max.
S % 0.010 Max.
Si % 0.15-0.40
Cr % 0.30 Max.
Mo % 0.25 Max.
Ni % 0.50 Max.
Cu % 0.35 Max.
V % 0.10 Max.
Cb % 0.04 Max.
Al % 0.06 Max.
Ti % 0.05 Max.
Ni+Cr+Mo+V % 1.00 Max.
CE % 0.42 Max.
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Induction bending is a clean process that requires no lubrication, and water used for cooling is recycled. During the process, the pipe bends are inspected for quality features and defect-free range to ensure a high-quality product. The benefits of induction bending include high-strength steel, consistent quality, and ease of installation.


Among the many types of piping, hot induction bending is the most common method. It is fast, accurate, and has few errors. Hot induction bends can be made from carbon steel, alloys, or bi-metal alloys. These pipe bends are the perfect choice for high-strength piping applications. For example, carbon steel, low alloy, and A106 are all great choices.


Induction bending is a highly precise method of pipe bending that uses high frequency induced electrical power to create the bends. Originally, induction technology was developed for surface hardening steels. To form a Carbon Steel WPH 70 Hot Induction Bend, a coil is placed around the pipe to be bent and the temperature rises to between 850 and 1100 degrees Celsius.


When the pipe reaches the optimum temperature, it is moved through an induction coil while a fixed radius arm arrangement applies to bend force to the pipe. Carbon Steel WPH 60 Hot Induction Bend is one of the most popular types available today.


These bends are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Many are customized to fit a particular sized pipe. For a custom, tailored design, check out our custom hot induction bends. You can even order a custom-made WPHY 60 Hot Induction Bend to fit the specific shape you require.