Inconel 800 (UNS No. N08800) - Nickle Alloy Forged Fittings

Raw Material Inconel 800 (UNS No. N08800)
C % 0.10 Max.
Mn % 1.50 Max.
S % 0.010 Max.
Si % 1.00 Max.
Cr % 23.00-19.00
Ni % 30.00-35.00
Fe % 39.00 Min.
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If you are wondering about the properties of INCONEL 800, you have come to the right place. This steel is an alloy composed of Nickel and Chromium in precise ratios. This alloy is particularly resistant to oxidation and scaling at high temperatures, and is used in many applications, including furnaces and heat-treating equipment. These alloys can withstand a variety of temperatures and high-temperature environments. However, their strength is reduced at low temperatures.


Inconel 800 is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy that offers exceptional strength and resistance to oxidation and carburization. Its high nickel content also provides excellent resistance to scaling, stress corrosion cracking, and general corrosion. In addition, it resists corrosion and is ductile. In other words, INCONEL 600 (UNS NO. N06600) is a great choice for piping applications. 


The most important thing about INCONEL 800 is its versatility. Sheets, pipes, and bars are often used in many different applications. They can be bent, welded, and cut to various shapes. In addition, high-carbon Inconel 800 has higher rupture and creep resistance than any other low-carbon material. Whether you need a tube for a helium tank or a large valve, you can find it in the market.


Despite its stiffness, Inconel 800 has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Its corrosion resistance and high physical strength make it a great choice for demanding applications in marine engineering, aerospace, and chemical processing. Although it has a high price tag, Inconel 800 is worth its price. And its high strength is a major factor in why you should choose it over other materials. But there are many more reasons to choose Inconel 800 over other metals for your next project.