F60 - Carbon Steel Forged Fittings

Raw Material ASTM A 694 Gr.60 Ed.2016
C % 0.300 Max.
Mn % 1.60 Max.
P % 0.025 Max.
S % 0.025 Max.
Si % 0.15-.0.35
Carbon Steel F60 Forged Fitting Manufacturers & Exporters


Leading Manufacturer of the ASTM A694 Forged Fittings in India


Real Engineering is one of the leading exporters, Manufacturers & suppliers of ASTM A694 F60 forged fittings. Our ASTM A694 F60 supply chain includes various countries UAE, India, Kuwait, Thailand, Vietnam, Jordan, UK, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Philippines, Egypt & many other Import sources who are highly Renowned and Professional manufacturers acquiring a high level of industry expertise and latest technologies.


The manufacturing of the various forged fittings will always be under the specific standards of the ANSI, ASME, ASTM, EN Flanges, etc. All these standards will provide good quality and the perfect dimension flanges that are useful in the various industrial fields such as power generation, chemical, oil, gas, etc. You can find the flanges in the size range of ½ inch to 48 inches. 


The types of fittings like the socket welded, forged, threaded, etc., are manufactured in the various pressure rating classes. 


Features of Forged Fittings


  • This Real engineering industry forged fittings manufacturers various forged fittings in different dimensions. The high tensile strength is the main feature of these forged fittings containing manganese and carbon. 
  • It is good to increase the manganese in the alloy to improve the strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, etc. 
  • These forged fittings will have heat resistance and corrosion resistance nature.
  • The properties of these forged fittings will suit welding and other processes.


Hire This Industry


This industry has the certification and is also professional in manufacturing the top-quality flanges. The forged fittings are more useful for completing any pipe connections and transmitting any of the mediums easily. 


The measurement of the medium will be accurate as this industry provides the good quality and temperature-friendly property of the forged fittings. The ASTM A694 F60 forged fittings have high tensile strength, good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and other properties. So, choose the best experts to get the forged fittings that are useful for you.