F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges

Raw Material ASTM A 694 Gr.52 Ed.2016
C % 0.300 Max.
Mn % 1.60 Max.
P % 0.025 Max.
S % 0.025 Max.
Si % 0.15-.0.35
Carbon Steel F52 Forged Flanges Manufacturers & Exporters

F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


If you are looking for a forged flange that has high pressure and low-temperature capabilities, you've come to the right place. F52 forged flanges are made of carbon steel and are commonly used in oil and gas applications. There are several different grade levels of carbon steel flanges available for your particular application. Contact a supplier today to find the right fit for your project.


A694 F52 forged flanges are made from carbon steel and manganese, two of the most important metals for a forged flange. Carbon is responsible for the flanges' hardness and is contained in this alloy only up to 0.30%. Silicon and sulfur are also used, as well as phosphorus, which is notable for its corrosion resistance and machinability.


As a result, ASTM A694 F52 forged flanges have high strength and are a great choice for many applications. As they are made of carbon steel, they can be used to connect several valves and heat exchangers. These forged flanges have a wide range of uses, from heat exchangers to pipelines. You can even install them in homes!


F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flèches are available in different sizes and shapes. The most popular sizes include metric and imperial. When choosing your forged flange, make sure to consult a supplier with extensive experience. Many companies offer a wide range of sizes and types, so you can rest assured that you'll find the right fit for your application. And as a bonus, they're available in many states.


ASTM A694 F52 Forged Flanges are available in many sizes and grades. They are a popular choice in the oil and gas industry because of their high hardness and low cost. However, if you're not sure whether you'll need F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges in your application, be sure to check the manufacturer's guidelines before purchasing. For a better understanding of F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges, contact a supplier today.


Astm A694 F52 forged flanges are made from carbon steel. They have a raised or flat face. Some have lap joints. Some are even available with a ring-type joint. A few other types are available in F52 & F60 forged flanges. You can find many different types of forged flanges based on your specific application. You can find all of them at a quality supplier near you.


When comparing steel flanges to their cast iron counterparts, forged steel has the edge. Forged steel is more resistant to corrosion, and can take higher pressure and temperatures than cast iron. The forged steel flange also has a better shape. It is also much stronger and has more mechanical strength than the same sized cast iron flange. A forged steel flange is better for inlets and outlets than its cast-iron counterpart.


Astm A694 carbon steel flanges are also known as high yield flanges. Whether you're looking for F52 - Carbon Steel Flanges, or a supplier of these products, you're sure to find a supplier in India. Astm A694 F52 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges are available in a variety of grades and are manufactured by a leading manufacturer.