B8T - Stainless Steel Fastners

Raw Material ASTM A 193 Gr.B8T Cl.1, 1A, 1D, 2 Ed.2021
C % 0.080 Max.
Mn % 2.00 Max.
P % 0.045 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 1.00 Max.
Cr % 17.00-19.00
Ni % 9.00-12.00
N % 0.10 Max.
Stainless Steel B8T Fasteners Manufacturers & Exporters

Stainless Steel B8T Fasteners Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


Stainless Steel B8T fasteners are made from austenitic stainless steel and feature good corrosion resistance. These fasteners are chemically equivalent to AISI 316/316L stainless steel. They can withstand extreme temperatures, including high pressure and corrosive gases. In addition to their great corrosion resistance, B8T fasteners can withstand harsh conditions. 


For this reason, you should always consider buying a set of these fasteners. Stainless Steel B8T fasteners are widely used in chemical and petroleum construction applications. These fasteners meet ASTM standards for stainless steel and alloy steel bolting materials, which include valves and pressure vessels. 


They often come with national coarse thread pitches, with 8 threads per inch, which is common for traditional applications. However, fasteners made from stainless steel should also be able to withstand higher temperatures.


Stainless Steel L7A Fasteners are a common choice in high-temperature and corrosive environments. They are a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with high corrosion resistance. They are also extremely strong, even at very high temperatures. These fasteners are suitable for oil and gas exploration and processing equipment, where they can withstand aggressive environments. 


Depending on what you're using them for, you can choose from a wide variety of fasteners, from nut and bolt to concrete screws, blind rivets, and studs. Among these are the anchor bolts, threaded rod, panel screw, and foundation fasteners. And, of course, the nuts and bolts. If you're looking for a particular type of fastener, make sure to ask the manufacturer for a description.


For high-quality studs and bolts, make sure you choose a trusted manufacturer. Visonalloy, for instance, is a renowned supplier of grade B8T fasteners and studs. They are both traditional and modern companies, and their B8T bolts are crafted to last in a variety of environments. As with any alloy, quality is key when choosing the right fasteners.