B8M - Stainless Steel Fastners

Raw Material ASTM A 193 Gr.B8M Cl.1, 1A, 1D, 2 Ed.2021
C % 0.080 Max.
Mn % 2.00 Max.
P % 0.045 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 1.00 Max.
Cr % 16.00-18.00
Mo % 2.00-3.00
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The SS B8M Fasteners can be used in marine applications because of their excellent corrosion resistance. These fasteners are highly effective against crevice and pitting corrosion, as well as against high concentrations of halides and chlorides. In addition, they offer high-quality weldability and are suitable for welding in most standard processes. You can contact a reputable supplier for more information on SS B8M Fasteners.


B8M Fasteners are available in many different sizes and shapes and are typically referred to as class one. These fasteners are carbide solution treated and have a maximum hardness of L7. The class one and class two B8M Fasteners are typically hex, square, or round in shape. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages, and a detailed look at them will help you choose the best ones for your project.


SS B8M Fasteners are available in many different sizes, and they can also come in various finishes and surface finishes. SS B8M Fasteners are available from suppliers of ASTM a193 ss J bolts, ASTM b8m spring washers, and ASTM a193 sn fasteners. They are available in many different types and sizes, and they can be found by leading manufacturers.