ASTM / ASME 201 - Stainless Steel Pipes

Raw Material ASTM A 312 Gr.TP201 Ed.2019a
C % 0.15 Max.
Mn % 5.50-7.50
P % 0.060 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 1.00 Max.
Cr % 16.00-18.00
Ni % 3.50-5.50
N % 0.25 Max.
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Stainless Steel ASTM / ASME 201 Pipes are a type of steel pipe made from stainless steel. They are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and machinability and weldability. The 201-grade stainless steel pipes are similar to their 304L counterpart, but with additional molybdenum. It is widely used in various industries and construction sites. 


The material is also available in the form of ASTM / ASME 201 exhaust pipes, which are manufactured in India. Stainless steel pipe fittings are made of various materials that follow an international standard. They are ASTM / ASME 201, BS, DIN, EN, and JIS standards. The pipe sizes range from 1/8 inch to 36 inches. In addition, different diameters and bending radiuses are available. 


Stainless steel grade 301 pipe comes in both seamless and welded forms. Stainless steel pipe is ideal for piping and structural applications. Its superior corrosion resistance makes it a preferred choice for a variety of applications. Stainless steel pipe is highly interchangeable, making it easier to connect to other materials and water piping systems. 


Unlike ductile iron, it has fewer joints, so it's cheaper to install. A pipe can also be fabricated with different materials, such as aluminum, copper, and brass.