ASTM A307 - Stainless Steel Fastners

Raw Material ASTM A 307 Gr.B Ed.2021
C % 0.33 Max.
Mn % 1.25 Max.
P % 0.041 Max.
S % 0.051 Max.
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In the following paragraphs, we will briefly discuss the various types of Stainless Steel ASTM A307 Fasteners. The purpose of these bolts is to provide the correct mechanical and chemical support for a wide variety of applications. The grades are further divided by their intended use and tensile strength. The following is a look at the most important differences between these three grades.


Fasteners come in a wide range of materials and are manufactured to a variety of standards. While they are similar in their use, the types may differ depending on the application. The following specifications provide details of fasteners made from carbon steel and stainless steel. ASTM A193 covers bolts for high-temperature and high-pressure service. Stainless steel fasteners are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steels.


The specification also lists chemical requirements for fasteners manufactured from A307 steel. Grade B bolts, for example, are intended for use in flanged joints in piping systems. The specification specifically excludes fasteners with long threads. Hence, these B6 bolts may not be the best choice for structural connections. 


Depending on the application, A307 bolts are available in a variety of thread pitches, metric sizes, and in a variety of lengths. Hitesh Steel has a comprehensive range of ASTM A307 stud bolts, which are available in various thread pitches. Whether your requirements are standard or customized, we will be happy to assist you in finding the correct fasteners for your project.


Fasteners manufactured according to the ASTM A307 specification are commonly used in piping systems. Most fasteners made according to this standard are bolts, studs, and threaded rods. 


A good vendor will have extensive experience with the various types of fasteners. The vendor should have expertise in application knowledge. With the proliferation of vendors from low-cost manufacturing countries, it is important to avoid counterfeit materials. Also, it is important to choose a vendor who is reliable and responsive.