A 105 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges

Raw Material ASTM A105 / A105M - 2021
C % 0.350 Max.
Mn % 0.60-1.05
P % 0.035 Max.
S % 0.040 Max.
Si % 0.10-0.350
Cr % 0.300 Max.
Mo % 0.120 Max.
Ni % 0.400 Max.
Cu % 0.400 Max.
V % 0.080 Max.
Cr + Mo % 0.320 Max.
Ni+Cr+Mo+V % 1.000 Max.
CE % 0.470 Max.
Carbon Steel A105 Forged Flanges Manufacturers & Exporters

A105 - Carbon Steel Forged Flanges Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


A105 - Carbon Steel Forged flanges are forged components of carbon steel piping systems. They are used in environments of high pressure and high temperatures, including nuclear power plants, hydro-carbon processes, marine engineering, heat exchangers, and oil and gas equipment. 


They are also used in plate flanges. In addition, they can be used for applications in many other industries, including automotive, food, and beverage manufacturing.


A105 flanges are made from fully killed carbon steel, which is available in ingot or bar form. Once the steel is fully killed, it is cut to the required length and then forged into flanges. Watch the video below to learn more about closed die flange manufacturing. A 105 flange is an essential component in many industries. The following video shows the complete process of closed die flange manufacturing.


The most common application for A 105 Carbon Steel Forged flanges is in piping applications. Its superior strength and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for high-pressure applications. Additionally, it is extremely easy to find flanges made of A105. 


The company has a large inventory of these standard items and can export them at the best prices. If you need Carbon Steel LF3 Flanges, we can help you find them. Carbon steel flanges are forged to connect sections of pipe or join pipe to equipment. They are commonly manufactured to ASTM A105 specification. 


As the name suggests, they have carbon content of between 1% and 2.1%. This content makes the steel stiffer and less ductile, and also limits its weldability. They are an essential component of pipe connections. If you need carbon steel flanges, Viha Steel & Forging is your go-to source.


A105 Carbon Steel Forged Flanges are available in Mumbai, India. They are also available in ANSI DIN, BS, and RTJ Flanges. Various types of A105 Carbon Steel Flanges are available, including ISO Certified, ANSI DIN, and SABS. The A105 Carbon Steel Flanges can be used in various applications, including heat exchangers, boilers, and other fluid-handling equipment.


ASTM A105 - Carbon Steel Forged Flange is the most common material for flanges. These forged components are commonly used in low and middle-pressure piping, boilers, and fertilizer equipment.