904L - Stainless Steel Forged Fittings

Raw Material ASTM A182 F904L Ed. 2020
C % 0.020 Max.
Mn % 2.000 Max.
P % 0.040 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 1.000 Max.
Cr % 19.00-23.00
Mo % 4.00-5.00
Ni % 23.00-28.00
Cu % 1.00-2.00
N % 0.10 Max
Stainless Steel 904L Fitting Manufacturers & Suppliers

904L Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers in India


A Stainless Steel 904L Fitting is a fitting used in a variety of applications, including the kelautan, kimia, and gas industries. This alloy is a low carbon type of steel that is incredibly ductile and forms easily. These fittings are commonly used for both welding and for joining pipes of different sizes. Their high concentration of nickel and chromium allow them to resist crack corrosion.


Stainless Steel 904L Fittings are manufactured to meet the ASTM B366 standard, and they're available in a variety of sizes, thickness, and dimensions. These fittings can be either seamless or welded, and can range from 1/8 inch to 48 inches in nominal bore size. ASTM B366 governs the specifications for pipe sizes and shapes. The chemical composition of these fittings is crucial, as they're required to meet the ASTM standards for piping.


Stainless Steel 904L Pipe Fittings are manufactured to meet international standards and have a variety of other useful properties. They're typically made from wrought austenitic stainless steel, and can come in the form of bars, plates, and forgings. They're also available as welded and seamless tubular products. 


These fittings can be welded or polished and may undergo heat-treatment during the manufacturing process. The flanges and fittings manufactured by JF Engineering Products LLP undergo extensive inspections at each stage of production. They're visually inspected for code and standard compliance. 


Stainless Steel F 45 Pipe Fittings are highly alloyed, with copper, nickel, and molybdenum. They're designed to provide moderate to high levels of corrosion resistance and resist crevice corrosion. 904L pipe fittings are also extremely affordable and are excellent choices for a variety of process environments. 


A Stainless Steel 904L Buttweld Fitting is the largest stockholder, which allows for quick delivery. Its smooth edges and seamless surface help reduce flow. A 904L Seamless Fitting, on the other hand, is precision-machined and more accurate. Its UNS N08904 End Cap is used to seal the connection. 


When welded, a 904L Buttweld Fitting can also be used to reduce flow. Among the most common types of pipe fittings, the 904L elbow is one of the most commonly used. It is used for making sharp bends in pipelines. 


904L 45 degree elbows change the direction of flow by 45 degrees. They also act as a joint for pipes at right angles. The elbows' radius of curvature is about twice the diameter of the pipe. These elbows are generally seamless in construction.