904L - Stainless Steel Forged Flanges

Raw Material ASTM A182 F904L Ed. 2020
C % 0.020 Max.
Mn % 2.000 Max.
P % 0.040 Max.
S % 0.030 Max.
Si % 1.000 Max.
Cr % 19.00-23.00
Mo % 4.00-5.00
Ni % 23.00-28.00
Cu % 1.00-2.00
N % 0.10 Max
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When preparing to purchase 904L - Stainless Steel Forged Flanges, you should first consider the use of a flange that has a welded neck. These flanges have a weld neck and are made of high-quality, 12 percent chromium martensitic stainless steel. The high copper content gives these flanges a high resistance to strong acids such as sulfuric acid. In addition to these benefits, flanges that are made of 904L-Stainless Steel are a good choice for a variety of applications.


The combination of these two alloying elements creates a strong, corrosion-resistant material that's perfect for marine applications. Because of this, they're used for a variety of applications, from oil and gas pipelines to chemical processes. Stainless steel 904L flanges are highly resistant to corrosive agents and can withstand extreme pressure.


A stainless steel 904L flange is designed to connect two pieces of equipment. It offers easy access for maintenance. Two flanges are fastened together and sealed with a gasket. 904L flanges have excellent resistance to crevice and stress corrosion, and they are commonly used in industrial applications. In addition, they're non-magnetic, and offer good welding and forming properties.


The low carbon content of 904L makes this alloy excellent for harsh environments. Many countries manufacture 904L, so the standards for this steel have improved. Its resistance to phosphoric acid and most organic acids is also exceptional. In contrast, F45 is not as effective against acids that contain halide ions, and 317L may not be sufficient for such environments. The latter, however, is a good option for most applications.


ASTM A182 F904L - Stainless Steel Forged flanges can be made with a raised face. If you're looking for a blind orifice flange, 904L - Stainless Steel Forged Flanges are available. If you're looking for a forged 904L flange, you'll find it among the largest exporters of these flanges.


A good supplier of 904L - Stainless Steel Forged Flanges is Pragati Metal. As a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of SS 904L Flanges, we know that the high-quality alloy we use for fabrication is a proven material. This grade of stainless steel is very easy to modify, and it's also available in various grades.


When purchasing 904L - Stainless Steel Forge Flanges, consider the following considerations. First, make sure the flange you select can withstand severe corrosion conditions. Stainless Steel 904L flanges have good resistance to other acidic environments. They are also superior to the stainless steel alloy 316L and 304L when it comes to stress corrosion cracking and pitting corrosion.