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There are many benefits to using Stainless Steel 316TI Spools. This alloy is widely used in many industries, including heat exchangers, paper mill equipment, and architectural components for marine environments. 


Stainless steel spools can also be easily connected to other pools, such as pipelines. For more information, read the following articles. The following information will help you determine which types of 316L spools are best for your specific applications.


Type 316Ti stainless steel is an austenitic, titanium-stabilized version of Type 304. It is a much stronger metal than 304 and exhibits better resistance to acid sulfates, corrosion, and pitting chloride ions. It also has increased heat resistance compared to Type 304 stainless steel.


Both types of stainless steel exhibit similar general characteristics and features, but 316Ti displays superior corrosion resistance in hot-temperature applications.